2021 Confirmed Artists

*Carolyn Bradshaw                       

*Donnie Johnson                                                                    *Trevor Johnson                                                                      *Triston Johnson

*Darren Parker
*Lori Moody
*Cathy Schroeder
*Michelle Nooney
* AlyssaAnn Designs
*Chloe Hinnen
*David Christiansen
*Jurassic Art~Brinkley's Artistic Enterprises 
*Aidan Reed
*Katie Wise
KRB Enterprises
*Kane Howell
*Ronnie Fontenot
*Mark Zieman
*LE Crea8tions
*Cathleen's Art
*Kirsten Cosper
*Barry Barlow
*Helen Beck
*Peggy Brockman
*Bob Callstrom
*Emma McNelley
*Anthony Dozier
*Malissa K. Long
Stay Tuned for More....!

Interested in joining us...

  1. We do NOT charge Artists a fee for displaying work.

  2. We ask that you have a minimum of 5 pieces to display.

  3. Yes, you can sell your work if you choose.

  4. We will not know if you need to bring tables/easels/ or other display options until you are placed. As soon as we know where you are placed-we will notify you.

  5. If you wish to be outside, yes, you will need to bring your own canopy, tables, and chairs. We will do our best to provide back up space indoors if the weather is lousy.